Bring your receipt of payment to class
We also accept Cash, Venmo, Cash App 
Please call 520-222-7050 for details

Walk-in Dancers $15
2.99% Paypal fee + Tax apply

4 Class Monthly Package $49
2.99% Paypal fee + Tax apply

10 Class Punch Card $99
2.99% Paypall fee + Tax apply

(Best option for significant improvement)
12 Weekly classes = 12 hours
3 Complete Modules = 1 Module every month

* FREE Kizomba Fashion T-shirt  
** 12 FREE BONUS hours of instructions

10 Registered Students required to start bonus hours 
Not valid with any other offers, specials or plans

*** If you register after the start of a module simply continue with the current module as a walk-in and register for the new upcoming Semester, starting with the very next module.

9:30 PM to 1030 PM = Improver Lesson 2
($15 for un-registered Dancers)

$119 per Semester = (12 weeks)
LESS THAN $9 per class
LESS THAN $5 with the complimentary bonus hours
We also accept Cash, Venmo and Cash App
Call 520-222-7050 for details

Semester Registration $119
2.99% Paypal fee + Tax apply

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Kizomba Phoenix Fashion Tshirt

About Kizomba Phoenix

Kizomba Phoenix is the premier place to learn Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Passada, Coladeira, Funana, Kompa, Afro-House, and other influential dances within the Zouk family, for dancers in the Phoenix metropolitan, Arizona


Our mission is to promote Kizomba, educate students, train world-class dancers and preserve the beautiful African culture behind Kizomba. We create a profound family-oriented atmosphere, where everyone can find a home, happiness, love, support, friendship, patience, understanding and charge ourselves with lots of positive energy through dance.


We have professionally designed 17 monthly courses, with over 70 lessons in 12 modules to create world-class leads and follows. We start our dance lessons with a group introduction to get everyone acquainted, a dynamic warm-up to get our blood pumping, a connection exercise, our terminal learning objective for the session and often a short educational video. We end our classes with recognition and a quick show-down exercise to allow students to demonstrate their newly acquired superpowers. 

Spread the word and tell a friend to tell another friend.

We look forward to seeing you in class.


Thank you  

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