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We are currently offering Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha and Konpa Private Lessons, along with Pop-up Workshops and Bootcamps.

After careful consideration and in response to the varying levels of commitment from students, we have decided to discontinue our group classes, until we meet committed and consistent dancers. We are only interested in working with committed dancers, who genuinely want to improve their dance and knowledge.

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Workshops, Intensives, Bootcamps and Masterclasses

Our intensive Kizomba and Semba training, focuses on exactly what dancers need to improve on their dance skills. 
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YouTube Tutorials

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New Choreography Season Starts Soon

New season details will be available soon

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About Kizomba.
​Kizomba is both a music and dance genre from Angola. The music is a fusion of Semba and Zouk and the dance is a fusion of Semba, Passada as well as other Angolan dances such as Massemba, Kazukuta, Kabetula and more. The dance and the music initially had no name and was referred to as “aquele Zouk com Semba” meaning “that Zouk with Semba”, which later became Kizomba. The name "Kizomba" became associated with neighborhood gatherings where this new fusion of music and dance took place. These gatherings were also called “Kizombada” and “Passada”. New dance genres and styles are continuously being inspired by Kizomba such as Urban Kiz, BachaKiz, KizTango, and more. Today Kizomba has caught world’s attention and it is played and dance in all continents.


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